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Skin Care

Nowadays, people use too much filters, it would be nice to show-off your real skin. What a better way to show-off your skin is by taking care of it. 

Remember, you may be blessed with a good skin but it takes a skin routine that works to let your skin shine through.

Skin Care

Queen Essentials

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Calm your mind to win your battle everyday. Our essentials oils are carefully formulated to help you on your wellness journey.

Queen Essentials

Our Commitment


We believe in the healing powers of flowers and plants,
and build our formulas on pure ingredients and smart science.


Not only we take pride with our products using 100% natural and organic ingredients but we made sure that it is highly effective.


Our nutrient rich skincare starts in the garden. We make products that are not only better for people, but also enrich the earth.

Queen's Community

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